About Us
CreativeFotos, based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, specializes in producing photographs that capture the unique beauty in each object and showcase it in a new light. We turn reality into a vision, creating a piece of photographic art.

Our Photographer
Nicholas is a Photographic Artist, not just another photographer. He is passionate about photography, and captures what is meaningful to you and makes it memorable. He is like a painter turning a vision into reality created with photographic tools. He has been passionate about photography, music, and cars since childhood and reflects that passion in his photographs. His music photographs capture the musician's soul. His career as an award winning professional photographer started over 45 years ago when he worked at one of Winnipeg's premiere photo studios, where he learned his skill from a Master Photographer. Since then his career took a different path, but his love of photography continued, and he has returned to pursue his passion.